Erica Zigelman: Tips for Educational Leadership

A principal for the New York City Department of Education, Erica Zigelman takes on a number of responsibilities, including but not limited to; the organization of study group programs, conducting professional development staff action plans, and developing academic intervention strategies. Erica Zigelman also established administrative protocols and collaborated with the School Leadership Tam(SLT) to write an effective Comprehensive Education Plan.

Retaining a great team at an educational institution stands out as one of the most effective ways to foster an above-average school. With students depending upon smooth processes and capable professionals to lead the way, leadership becomes paramount. Described below are some important tips for building an outstanding education team.

Play to individual strengths: Recognize when some individuals are better at one job than another, and let them shine in these positions. All team members should serve in the roles at which they prove most competent.

Facilitate development: Nurture your teachers and help them grow professionally. Give individuals opportunities to improve and learn new skills. By pushing boundaries and discovering new capabilities, team members flourish and become motivated to keep growing.

Identify skills gaps: Always keep your eyes open for needs in training and development. If certain qualities or skills are required, hire someone who can satisfy those needs and make the team stronger as a result.