New York City Leadership Academy Supports Educational Leaders

Currently the principal of Middle School 322 in Manhattan, New York, Erica Zigelman has more than three decades of experience as an educator and administrator. Continually striving to advance her skills as a principal, Erica Zigelman has participated in a range of training programs, including the Aspiring Principals Program at the New York City Leadership Academy.

Created in 2003, the New York City Leadership Academy is an independent, nonprofit organization that works to improve learning outcomes for all students through a range of programs and services that assist educators in building the skills needed to meet today’s educational challenges. Based in Long Island, New York, the Academy currently works in partnership with school districts, state education departments, and other non-profits to help school leaders in 24 states across the country.

The Aspiring Principals Program (APP) is a standards-based program offered through the Academy that helps New York City principals develop critical leadership skills. Consisting of three phases, the APP uses a hands-on approach to leadership development that requires principals to complete a six-week summer intensive residency as well as a six-month, school-based residency. Graduates of the program commit to serve in New York public schools for at least five years. Currently, one out of every six New York City principals is a graduate of the NYC Leadership Academy.