An Educational Materials Collaborative

Erica Zigelman, principal of New York City’s Middles School 322, or the Renaissance Leadership Academy, possesses more than four decades of experience in the field of education. She has participated in the iLead Instructional Technology Leadership Program for 21st Century Leaders and received such honors as the Resolution A Technology Grant. In her current position as principal of MS322, Erica Zigelman has seen the benefits of the Smithsonian-ePals partnership.

In 2011, the Smithsonian Institution agreed to partner with ePals, Inc., to provide educators, parents, and students across the world with a diverse range of educational materials from the museum and its associated research complex. The partnership makes Smithsonian content available through ePals’ social learning platforms such as LearningSpace and SchoolMail 365. Users can also access the new material through the ePals Global Community.

The educational materials from the Smithsonian include classroom projects, lesson plans for teachers, shared media galleries, and information on topics related to art, culture, history, and science. Students can also learn directly from Smithsonian curators and experts in these areas. Additionally, the availability of this information on ePals’ social platform offers extensive possibilities for collaborative learning on a global scale.