Shenzhen Educators Visit The Renaissance Leadership Academy (MS 322)


On October 20th, the College of Mount Saint Vincent’s Center for International Teacher Training brought twenty-five educators from Shenzhen, China, to visit The Renaissance Leadership Academy (MS 322).

The Center for International Teacher Training program immerses educators in American culture and education through graduate level coursework, professional development experiences as well as school visits throughout the New York metropolitan area. MS 322 was pleased to take part.


After a brief orientation hosted by a team made up of administrators, student ambassadors and our Children’s Aid Society partners, MS 322 took the visitors on a tour of classrooms and facilities.


MS 322 was pleased to hear praise of its well-behaved students and caring educators. The visitors also noted many intriguing differences between schools in Shenzhen and the things they saw in New York’s MS 322. They were impressed by comparatively small class sizes (mentioning numbers as high as 60 in their own experience) as well as the resources available to New York students. They remarked on seeing process charts and student work on display and were impressed by the fact that students supported each other by helping the teacher explain difficult concepts. They also singled out the school’s online gradebook, Jupiter Ed, for its transparency. Administrators also answered many questions about Advance, the new teacher evaluation in New York City.


MS 322 was the first New York City school that the group visited. It was great fun for everyone. MS 322 looks forward to cultivating a long and successful relationship with the College of Mount Saint Vincent.